What is Sri Sankalpa?

Here is the answer for, why you must implement Sri Sankalpa for your Temple...

CannySoft is a Chennai based IT company who involves in bringing the latest IT technologies to the common people and small business.

Sri Sankalpa is a most simple and user friendly software which helps administration of Hindu temples by recording and tracing of all cash and property information.

Screen Shots

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Counter Screen

Counter User's sales screen

Admin Screen

Admin User's Dashboard screen

Features of Sri Sankalpa

What makes Sri Sankalpa is the best software to administrate the Temple...

Sales Counter

No limits, Any number of counters you can open

A simple console, to fulfill all the sale needs like sava tokens, Prashadam tokens and Event Tokens.


Give You an assurance that Nothing will be left off.

Recording every transaction and take reports at any point for any duration.


From begining to now, you can track

End to end tracking of every asset of the temple, from source to current location with status history.

Donors Management

Can manage donations and donors

Managing all the donor profile and their cash and non-cash donation details, connected with Inventory and accounting


Supports all major Indian Languages

One solution, which plays on all major Indian Languages, English and some foriegn languages too


Birthday and Wedding day wishes to donors

Donor's Birthday and wedding alert message with their Rasi & natchatra and their family members details.

Make The Temple Fully Computerized, and Track the Accountings, And simplify the tasks...

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